Land Quilt
The LAND QUILT, created by Tony Anella and Cara McCulloch, is a playful experiment in art and ecology designed to spark conversations about the environment and the role of art in guiding culture toward a more graceful relationship with Nature.
The word “quilt” connotes a nurturing relationship with whatever it covers. It also suggests a sense of community spirit and collaboration based on the tradition of quilting bees. The Land Quilt enlarges this community spirit to include the soils, waters, plants, and animals that Aldo Leopold referred to collectively as “the land”.
Each "patch" of the Land Quilt concentrates natural precipitation with a fabric funnel stretched over a wire frame staked into the ground. Below the funnel and hollowed in the soil is a seed ball consisting of native seeds, clay and compost. By concentrating natural rainfall the Land Quilt intends to germinate patches of native plants.
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