EL MANZANAL  (The Apple Orchard) 
This community of small (800 SF 1000 SF)  homes arranged around an apple orchard is located 1-1/2 blocks from the Griegos Branch Library, 1/2 block from an irrigation ditch (great for taking walks!) and 2 blocks from Fourth Street and the convenience of a grocery store, a pharmacy and a city bus line. The homes are designed for empty nesters (with attics for storing heirlooms) and for young families looking to keep their mortgage payments affordable.
Each home is oriented for optimal solar access and is designed for a combination of photovoltaic and/or solar hot water systems to be mounted on the south-facing slopes of the galvanized metal roofs. Each home harvests 100% of the natural precipitation from a two-year storm, and stores this water in cisterns for use in supplementing the irrigation of the communal orchard and the private backyards. 2x6 frame stucco construction with R-29.6 insulation in the walls, R-38 insulation in the ceilings, double-glazed insulated windows, Energy Star appliances, and energy-efficient heating and cooling help fulfill our commitment to high-quality construction of energy efficient and water-wise homes.